• Eugar

    iFight Crime With Victorious

    October 6, 2012 by Eugar

    The iCarly gang and the Hollywood Arts gang develop superpowers and try to figure out what to do them, while Neville and Ponnie begin plots of their own. Heavily inspired by NBC's Heroes. Not for kids. Rated M.

    The story.

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  • Amythest444

    It was a sunny day for Seattle. A lot of kids they knew were at the park. Not them, they were watching the news, since there was nothing better on. ("Oh come on! I'd rather go to the park than this!")

    Breaking News: According to trusted scientist and researcher Rob Davice, the world is going to end today, at 9:00 PM. "All the signs were the same, the world is indeed going to end."

    Carly turned off the T.V

    "What a bunch of bullchiz"

    "What if it does really happen???" Carly looked really scared.

    "Oh c'mon Carly, remember that guy...Harry Camping?"

    "The old fat radio announcer? Yep"

    "He said the world was going to end on May 21st. Nothing happened that day."

    "'s a trusted scientist! It probably is going to happen."

    Sam sighed "Carls, it's not…

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  • CrystalNeonSummerSnow

    No, nothing bad has happened to me other than the fact that my last story idea was the worst idea EVER. Sorry if I sounded hard on myself, but it was terrible. I know that while y'all were still sweet and supportive, I had to get a hold of myself. I mean, the original draft had way too many characters and a pointless and unintelligent plot. I know there were actually some who were anticipating this, but as I try to better my writing, it'll be a while before I can reached that level. Sorry that I made a fool out of myself once more. -_____-;;;;;

    Now that I'm in the right mind, I probably understand the topic of AU fics now and that they still have to be in-character. I kinda messed up, didn't I? Oh, well. I've at least recovered and I'm bet…

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    Tell what you guys like about ICarly and what you think of ICarly!!!!

    I LOVE ICarly it's sooooo coool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ILOVE ICARLY!!!!!!!!!!

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  • CrystalNeonSummerSnow

    Well, I guess I better explain why, then. ;)

    Okay, just last night, my 'rents and I were watching this movie called *batteries not included and OMG that was such a cute movie! So heartwarming and I loved the acting from Jessica as Faye. Anyways, the plotline was about these poor unfortunate souls who live in this apartment cafe and this gang says, "If you don't get out, we're gonna force you out". In other words, they wanna tear the place down. Well, these little robots (Fix-Its at they call 'em) come into their lives and they're most likey their only hope.

    Well, this inspired me, it really did. So, I was thinking, why not create a fanfic that's a modern version of *bni? However, there are two things that'll make this iCarly fic different:


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  • Kittygirl7878

    here it is

    you will like it, unless you don't like Reck and Cade romantically. it's what it's filled with

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  • StraightACarlaay

    A new story that I will put up! Hope u guys read it.

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  • Gelo Fabian

    hey guys! So my new fanfic is posted. Sorry I wasn't logged in but it was me who made it. Part 2 coming up soon :) iMeet Amanda crossover with the Amanda Show.

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  • NeneG


    May 22, 2011 by NeneG

    Ok so here are some templates to help the reader understand what the story is about:

    BTW: This is how you do templates { {TEMPLATENAME} } Then it will show up! But don't inculd the spaces!









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  • StraightACarlaay
    (: It's called iCamp, and if you liked iGo Somewhere Warm, I think iCamp will be good. Please leave a comment!!
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  • CreddieNiranda

    I'm CreddieNiranda and I just posted a story called iValentines Day. Read it!

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  • Creddie 4 real

    Hey everybody! Just wanna say high to all the people on the wiki!

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  • CrystalNeonSummerSnow

    Well, I guess if I'm gonna be here, I better make an introduction: Hiya! I am CrystalNeonSummerSnow, but please, call me Crystal (sure, I'll accept nicknames like CNSS or CrystalNeon or even just Neon, but I like Crystal better). Anyways, I'm here strictly for both my love for fanfiction and iCarly! :D

    Now, just a word of warning, don't expect a lot of K-rated or K+-rated stories; I was born with a specially dark taste in stories. Yeah, a lot will be rated T and even M if that violent (no, not for anything sexually explicit; just violence and profanity). Also, if I upload pics that look completely unrelated, they're title covers for my fanfictions. Whatever the pic is, it'll be either comparison to a thing in a certain story or something th…

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  • Seddieftwyea


    April 23, 2011 by Seddieftwyea

    I love Fanfictions!

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  • Magicboots


    April 23, 2011 by Magicboots

    This is just for fun. What's the best name you've ever had for a fanfic? Mine's got to be iGet Beaten By a Burger. I love that title! That's about it really :D Magicboots (talk to me!) 12:04, April 23, 2011 (UTC)

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  • TeamMu


    April 23, 2011 by TeamMu

    --Look, Wings!Yes Gwen, wings are way more important than the talk you are having now. 10:36, April 23, 2011 (UTC)

    Want a colored signature like this?

    Tell me in the blog post comments exactly what you want, and I'll gave you the code.

    After that, copy the code, go to your Prefrences, go to where it says "Signature", check Custom, erase whatever is in there, past your new code inside, and Save.

    How to tell me what kind you like

    Person 1- I want "iCarly" in blue, and "rules" in orange, and "with SEDDIE!" in green.


    Get the idea? :

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  • Mistressofthestrange

    Hey everyone!! So what is favorite kind of fic!!!

    Do you like angst fics??

    Or Drama?

    What about comedy?

    Maybe romance?

    My favorite kind of fics are angst and romance...!

    What about yours!!!??

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