(Carly, Sam and Freddie walk into Carly's appartment)

Carly: I cannot wait to leave school!

Sam: I can't wait to have some fudge

Freddie: I just want to grow up!

Carly: what would life be like though when we are adults?

(Dream space a grown up Carly walks into her appartment)

Carly: Mickayla I'm home!

Mickayla: hi mom, Sam called she wanted to discuss something

Carly: thanks how was school?

Mickayla: alright, Spencer went to take a shower

Carly: okay

(On the phone Carly and Sam)

Carly: hey Sam

Sam: hey heard from Freddie?

Carly: yeah... how are the kids

Sam: Nina's been perfect... Theo he's been a big nerd

Carly: have you sorted things out with Freddie?

Sam: no... I just can't

Carly: why?

Sam: I'm having another kid

Carly: what!

Sam: I got to go



(Sam's house)

Nina: mom Carly's here!

Sam: Carly we are having dinner

Carly: you have to hear what Freddie said

Sam: come in

(Carly walks in)

Carly: the house is spotless!

Sam: since I gave up meat I became a changed person so what did you want to tell me

Carly: Freddie came over and said that he's moving back to Seattle

Sam: (sarcasticlay) wow big news!

Carly: with your sister Melanine

Sam: what! When are they coming?

Carly: tomorrow I was going to tell you soon but I thought you would take it the wrong way

Sam: I'm going to be fine... bye! (slams the door in her face, next day Freddie and Melanie go into Carly's appartment)

Carly: Freddie! Mealnie!

Freddie: hey Carly

Melanie: hi

Carly: come in, come in

(Mickayla walks down)

Mickayla: hey Freddie

Carly: where's Spencer?

Mickayla: err he's talking to a...... hobo

Carly: never mind

Freddie: where's Sam?

Carly: at home, she has some BIG news to tell you

Freddie: how big?

Carly: I invited her over maybe she can tell you

(Sam bursts through the door and attacks Melanie, Carly holds her back)

Melanie: hi Sam

Nina: hey dad hey Aunty Melanie

Freddie: hey Nina... where's Theo?

more coming soon.

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