Carly has been on a lot of dates with boys and now she thinks she's found the perfect one. A boy named Zachary. But Freddie's jealousness becomes handy when it leads to a secret about Zach. He's a vampire! So now Freddie must recruit Sam for help to bring Zach down. Can they save Carly before she is turned into vamp food? Find out in this exciting thriller! (Will be rated T for teens.)


Chapter 1: The New Kid

(Carly POV)

I sat at the Groovy Smoothie with Sam and Freddie as always after school. Talking about this weeks iCarly.

"So what are we gonna do?" I asked.

"How about we dump Freddie in the middle of the Alaskan River?" Sam said.

I rolled my eyes. "NO."

"Must you be SO obnoxious?" Freddie asked.

"Could be worse." Sam said, sipping her Coconut Crazy Smoothie.


"Well, I could do this."

Sam smacked her fist hard against Freddie's back and he screamed in pain.

"OWW!" he yelled.

Sam smiled confidently. I knew she was my best friend, but honestly, I was kinda worried how far she would go just to irritate Freddie to the MAX. I finished my smoothie and threw my cup away. T-Bo came up to our table.

"Would you like some on a cookies on a stick?" he asked.

"No. Not interested." Freddie said.

"Whole stick for 3.00$." T-Bo said.

"Dude! We don't want any!" Sam said.

For once, I wondered why T-Bo just LOVED putting food on a stick. Kinda like 'Were you born around sticks and loved them so much?'

"T-Bo, we don't want a cookie." I said.

"So ya'll hate cookies?"

"No, we just don't want any."

"A'ight. I see how it is." T-Bo said as he left our table.

"Why does he love food on a stick?" Sam asked.

Me and Freddie shrugged. When we had finished everything, Sam went home while me and Freddie went to my apartment to study. Something I enjoy very much. On our way in the door, we bumped into Spencer. He seemed to be in a rush.

"Hey, kiddo. Bye, Freddo." He said, shutting the door behind him.

Me and Freddie laughed.

"Do you know where he's going?"

"Probably over to Socko's."

"What if he had a date?"

"You have a lot of questions!" I said, giving Freddie a small punch on the arm and smirking. He laughed and we headed up the stairs to the iCarly studio.

"Wait. Let me get my books." Freddie said.

"Me, too." I said.

When Freddie left, I breathed a sigh of relief. We were gonna be alone, probably for the next few hours. That made me a little uncomfortable, considering the fact that he and I both have "those feelings" for each other as Sam would put it. Freddie shows it all the time. I haven't told him since he saved me from a taco truck last January. I've always been to chicken. I mean, what if he was just pretending so I wouldn't realize that he was over me? I wouldn't be surprised after all the times I pushed him away. Within ten minutes, he was back. Carrying his science book and history book.

"Hey. I got my books."

"Shoot. I forgot to get mine. Be right back."

My heart raced as I walked out the studio and to my room. I could call Sam and have her come over so I wouldn't have to be alone with Freddie, but then she would torment him and wouldn't let us study because 'studying makes her sick.' I'd just have to push through it. I grabbed my books from my bed and headed back the the iCarly studio.

"It's about time." Freddie said. "Thought I'd have to come rescue you."

I smiled then laughed. It was sweet that he cared so much for me and would do anything to keep me happy.

"No. I'm fine."

We grabbed our beanbags and sat down.

(Freddie POV)

I walked into Carly's apartment carrying my history book and science book, ready to study for our test tomorrow. I walked up to the studio.

"Hey. I got my books." I said.

Carly looked at me like she forgot I was coming back.

"Shoot. I forgot to get mine. Be right back." she said.

I watched as her perfect, girly figure exited the studio. She was amazing. Even when she was upset or crying, her beauty shined through. I would walk to the ends of the earth just to prove my love for her. If I had a problem or if she did, we'd run to each other for comfort. But only then could we place our arms around each other and not want to let go. Everytime it happened, I'd wish for it to never end. To feel Carly in my arms forever. To her, I was the geeky tech producer who lived across the hall and was her best friend. Or, that's how I saw it. It was taking longer than it should for her to return. But soon she did.

"It's about time." I said. "Thought I'd have to come rescue you."

Stupid! Why'd I say that?! But to my surprise, she smiled then laughed.

"No. I'm fine." she said.

We grabbed our beanbags and plopped down on them. Carly moved closer to me and I took a few seconds to take in the scent of Lavender and Vanilla that came with her. Her favorite scent, I remembered.

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