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Iquit icarly fight


Carly: I'm so gonna kill you!" Sam: NOT IF I KILL YOU FIRST!!!!

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FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! WHAT? I'm just saying


Carly: sam pushes me down, i push her BACK!!!!

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Hello, i'm gonna do a fanfiction of a story called itake my boyfriend back..... Enjoy.... - ICarvicious22

iTake My Boyfriend Back "Part 1"

Carly: {walks into her apartment} Spencer i'm home!

Spencer: Hey kiddo!

Carly: Um.... {sees a gigantic sock made of steel} Whatcha doing?

Spencer: {hammers the sock} I'm trying to straighten my sculpture, called do the drum roll!

Carly: {drumrolls}

Spencer: THE STEEL SOCK!!!!

Carly: Cool.

Spencer: I know right?

Carly: {someone was calling her phone} {answers it} Hello?... What??... Uh Huh..... Oh my god..... OH MY GOD!!!!.... Yeah, yeah, i'll be there right away. Bye. {closes her phone} {rushes out of door}

Spencer: What's go- {carly slams the door) on?.......

Carly: {enters a stange apartment} Hello? Anyone? (someone grabs her and duct tapes her hands and feet} WHO ARE YOU????? {struggles}

Strange man: Uh... BYE..... *runs with carly's bag*

Carly: HEY THAT'S MY BAG!!!!! OH MAN..... My phone was in there! OMG EVERYTHING WAS IN THERE!!!!!! O_O I HAVE TO CALL SAM BUT HOW? {Freddie runs and sees Carly tied up and un-ties her.} FREDDIE??? I-i-i-s-s- that you????? O.O

Freddie: Yeah, why?

Carly: {stares at him loving-ly} OH I AM SORRY, just day dreaming.... HEH

Freddie: Are you ok Carly? Your

Carly: Oh, i maybe put too much make-up.... HEHE

Freddie: Carly? Carly?? Carly???

Carly: {wakes up, from her dream} AAAAHHH.... Oh it was just a dream. PHEW... {sees Freddie in front of her trying to kiss her} AAAHHH GET AWAY FROM ME!!!! {takes a pillow}

Spencer: Hey kiddo, what goes- {Carly throws pillow at him} AAAWWWHH.... -on.......

Carly: Oh... Sorry Spence.....

Spencer: AOH.... It's cool....

Carly: Um..... i'm very sick so i can't go to school, good night..... *turns around*

Spencer: what's wrong, Ms. Pillow Fighter?

Carly: {giggles} Oh stop.... {turns around} AAAAAHHHHHHH {sees Freddie touching her shoulder and massaging it} OFF.... MY SHOULDER.... NOW.......

Spencer: ..... Just trying to cheer you up......


Spencer: Then who were you talking to, just now?

Carly: Um......Bye Spencer, i'm going to school.

Spencer: Wait Carly, WAIT!!!

Carly: *slams door* PHEW.... That was close..... *tries to hurry* BYE SPENCER

Spencer: *feels suspicious....and sad...*

To be continued...... Next is going to be Part 2.....What will happen next?


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