Carly- Works as a TV producer in LA but still visits Seattle.

Freddie- Created social networking site 'TweetBook' (pardory of twitter and facebook) is a billionare.

Sam- Runs the beauty pagent. Little bit of a diva. She some how gets into prison.

Spencer- an artist as always but has a girlfriend Aubrey.

Part 1Edit

(Carly enters the movie studio)

Carly: everyone hear.. Dino are you listening?

Dino: oh sorry Carls just on TweetBook

Carly: oh yeah I have heard of that. I actulay knew the creator

Dino: you don't have to lie

Carly: whose ready to get to work?

(Freddie's place)

Reporter: we are here at Freddie Bensons house. The cteator of TweetBook

Freddie: hi

Reporter: now Freddie can you tell us about your on and off relashionship?

Freddie: me and Carmen are not getting back together

(Sam throws a can at the TV)

Sam: my lifes rubbish. Carly and Freddie are famous and rich. Who am I just Miss America and rich.

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