Scene:(Carly';s Apartment)

Sam POV:

I walk into Carly's aparment going to raid her fridge. My mom won't buy me dinner so I had to come here and steal her food. I yell "CARLY I'M GOING TO RAID YOUR FRIDGE!!!!" She didn't respond. I then yell "I'm going shoplifiting under your name!!!!" She didn't respond. I send her a text then she tells me her and Spencer went to go see their Grandad... Great! She then tells me theirs left over Spaghetti in the fridge and I could make Spaghetti Taco's. I then smile and text back "Thanks!" I open the fridge and see some spaghetti in a bowl and I pull it out. The shells were in a cabinet and I grabbed them. While I was heating up the Spaghetti in the microwave I see Freddie walk in and then he says "What are you doing here? Isn't Carly supposed to be gone?" I then look at him and say 'What are you doing here?" I then hold up a key and say "i'm house sitting. So people like you don't break in!" I then say "Carly said I could take some food ssince my mom isn't going to buy me food." I then pull out the spagetti and place it on the kitchen table with the shells next to it on a plate. Freddie then says "Oooh is that Spagetti Taco's your making!" I then roll my eyes and say "Yeah Spencer has some left over Spaghetti so Carly said I could make some Spaghetti Taco's." He then says "Can I have some?" I slap his hand and say "No. My food!" Freddie grabs 2 shells "To bad Puckett!" He really shouldn't of done that.... I then glare at him and say "You really shouldn't take Mama's food..." Freddie looks scared "Uh... oh..." I then throw some spaghetti at him and it hits his face. He then wipes it off and throws it at me.. GR!!!! We each grab handfulls of Spaghetti Taco's and start having a food fight while laughing. He then grabs me and I strugle to get away as I yell "LET GO BENSON!!!!" He lets go and I look at him and he says "You got spaghetti in your hair." he pulls it out and I slap his hand... I then lean in to kiss him as he puckers out but I smush spaghetti on his lips. He ends up kissing me anyway and my mouth drops...

I then say "What was that for?" He then looks at me and says "I think I might like you..." I then punch him and say "I think I might like this certain nub too." He then says to me "We better clean up this mess." I then laugh and make my Spaghettti Tacos "How about I make my dinner and you clean up the mess!" He then says "You started it and finished it!" I then say "Ugh fine...! But only because I like you!" He then says "Haha you like me!" I then glare at me "Don't say that again unless you want my fist in your mouth!!!!" We cleaned up the room and then I finally got to eat my tacos. I had 3 while Freddie had 2. Once we were done he plopped on the couch and I plopped next to him and pinched him. Freddie yelled "OW!!!!" I then laugh and say "You like it!" He then yells "NO!" I then reword it "You like me!" He then says "Maybe." with a smirk. I then laugh and rest my head on his chest.

And to think... This all started over Spaghetti Tacos...

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