• Amythest444

    It was a sunny day for Seattle. A lot of kids they knew were at the park. Not them, they were watching the news, since there was nothing better on. ("Oh come on! I'd rather go to the park than this!")

    Breaking News: According to trusted scientist and researcher Rob Davice, the world is going to end today, at 9:00 PM. "All the signs were the same, the world is indeed going to end."

    Carly turned off the T.V

    "What a bunch of bullchiz"

    "What if it does really happen???" Carly looked really scared.

    "Oh c'mon Carly, remember that guy...Harry Camping?"

    "The old fat radio announcer? Yep"

    "He said the world was going to end on May 21st. Nothing happened that day."

    "'s a trusted scientist! It probably is going to happen."

    Sam sighed "Carls, it's not…

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