No, nothing bad has happened to me other than the fact that my last story idea was the worst idea EVER. Sorry if I sounded hard on myself, but it was terrible. I know that while y'all were still sweet and supportive, I had to get a hold of myself. I mean, the original draft had way too many characters and a pointless and unintelligent plot. I know there were actually some who were anticipating this, but as I try to better my writing, it'll be a while before I can reached that level. Sorry that I made a fool out of myself once more. -_____-;;;;;

Now that I'm in the right mind, I probably understand the topic of AU fics now and that they still have to be in-character. I kinda messed up, didn't I? Oh, well. I've at least recovered and I'm better now. :P

Anyways, I haven't gotten a new iCarly idea yet, but I have to at least try. However, while it won't be posted her 'cause it's unrelated to iCarly, I at least got an idea for a Victorious-Bucket & Skinner crossover and now that I know how to write AU, this story will be based off of a better movie choice: The Butcher's Wife.

Now, The Butcher's Wife was a movie about a backwoods clairvoyant named Marina who believed that love was on its way for her, but when a butcher washes up onto the shore, Marina instantly believes that he's the man of her dreams. However, when she arrives to his hometown in New York, instantly, her predictions can turn these city slickers into lovesick kids. But when she falls for a therapist that's skeptic of her charm, she begins to reconsider her prediction about love being on her way.

Yeah, y'all could expect that it's not an Inception-esque movie--as in not critically acclaimed or all that complex--but sometimes, you just need a feel-good movie that's simple and sweet, and The Butcher's Wife is a perfect choice. How this relates to a story? Well, I'm taking a break from the dark edgy stuff for a while and decided to write more peaceful, fluffy stuff. It's kind of a leap for me, but it's better than my last idea:

The main character in this AU fic is Tori Vega, a girl with an extrodinary clairvoyance. She can be able to predict how long someone can live, what there future will be like, and can even predict if love is possible in her future. Well, the only prediction she cannot make is what her love life will be like. All she hopes for is a few signs.

Tori Vega lives on an uncharted island near the coast of Maine, living with her mother and grandmother while her sister, Trina, is wandering the streets of L.A. and her father is singing with the angels in Heaven. Long ago, Holly got a job as a real estate agent and they lived in Pacific Bluffs, California. She was reluctant to let Tori go to school, for she feared her power could cause chaos. But luckily, she gained a ton of friends even in Kindergarten, one of them being a boy who secretly had a crush on her. However, Holly got fired due to lower sales than others and Tori had to move back to the island. That was the last she saw of her friend, and now 18, she doesn't even remember him much.

Almost what she would call a miracle, Holly decides to move back to California and find a different job. The closest she can find, though, is working at a bakery passed down from an old friend, and Tori's her assistant (that, and she's a better baker). When Tori sets foot in Pacific Bluffs again, it's like a breath of fresh air. These people are instantly enamored by her rural and wise, yet naive and innocent nature. While befriending these people, when she realizes this was the city where she went to school to, she wonders if the boy she met is still here. While complications arise during her subtle search, Tori befriends Bucket, a hare-brained sweetheart who tends to cause trouble with his best friend Skinner. When her search draws to a close, she's rather surprised that Aloe appears to be the boy she had fallen for, before; but as her friendship with Bucket grows more personal, she begins to reconsider her "relationship" with Aloe.

Yeah... that's the story and hopefully it's better than the last idea. Be sure to leave a comment about this story and please, the old idea is forgotten and while this one looks far-fetched and predictable, at least it's a feel-good story. :3

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