Well, I guess if I'm gonna be here, I better make an introduction: Hiya! I am CrystalNeonSummerSnow, but please, call me Crystal (sure, I'll accept nicknames like CNSS or CrystalNeon or even just Neon, but I like Crystal better). Anyways, I'm here strictly for both my love for fanfiction and iCarly! :D

Now, just a word of warning, don't expect a lot of K-rated or K+-rated stories; I was born with a specially dark taste in stories. Yeah, a lot will be rated T and even M if that violent (no, not for anything sexually explicit; just violence and profanity). Also, if I upload pics that look completely unrelated, they're title covers for my fanfictions. Whatever the pic is, it'll be either comparison to a thing in a certain story or something that actually is in the story.

Anyways, are you lookin' forward to my stories? If so, great! If not, sorry, but I'm born this way! XD Thanks! :D

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