Well, I guess I better explain why, then. ;)

Okay, just last night, my 'rents and I were watching this movie called *batteries not included and OMG that was such a cute movie! So heartwarming and I loved the acting from Jessica as Faye. Anyways, the plotline was about these poor unfortunate souls who live in this apartment cafe and this gang says, "If you don't get out, we're gonna force you out". In other words, they wanna tear the place down. Well, these little robots (Fix-Its at they call 'em) come into their lives and they're most likey their only hope.

Well, this inspired me, it really did. So, I was thinking, why not create a fanfic that's a modern version of *bni? However, there are two things that'll make this iCarly fic different:

Numbah 1: This'll be a crossover of iCarly with Victorious and Big Time Rush... if that's okay. I mean, since it's iCarly related, I think that it's alright to write this.

Numbah 2: This'll be an AU fic as in completely different: iCarly was never founded, BTR was never formed, the Victorious cast never went to HA but know each other. Also, that means I'm drastically changing their characters; in AU fics, that gives you the liberty to make characters OOC, but more dramatic.

Curious about how drastic the characters'll be? Don't worry; I'll spill:

iCarly group:

  1. Carly Shay is a Gothic with artistic abilites.
  2. Sam Puckett is a fragile-hearted girl that dropped out of school to support her druggie parents' rehabilitation.
  3. Freddie Benson is failed musician that was sent to juvie for hiding a gun in his backpack.
  4. Spencer Shay is a hitman currently released from an asylum for beating Carly in a drunk rage. He plans to visit the apartment in order to reconcile with her.

Victorious group:

  1. Tori Vega is a witty, yet manipulative prom queen who ran away from home after seeing her dad murder his wife and lover.
  2. Trina Vega is a humanitarian that joined Tori, hoping she will redeem herself.
  3. André Harris is a rehabilitated drug dealer that is haunted by the gangster lifestyle he once confronted.
  4. Jade West is a pregnant teenage café waitress whose ex-husband caused an arson fire to her old apartment, causing her to move to the new apartment.
  5. Beck Oliver is an ex-rockstar who lost his career after sniffing cocaine and almost assaults a stage producer.
  6. Robbie Shapiro is a down-on-his-luck fast food janitor who was raised in a military family, thus explaining his sociopathic interactions.
  7. Cat Valentine is a florist who chooses to be mute after the shock of being held hostage and almost getting her throat slashed.

BTR group:

  1. Kendall Knight is a released criminal who is said to "make Ted Bundy quail".
  2. James Diamond is a currently jobless man after confronting his abusive boss Gustavo Rocque.
  3. Logan Mitchell is an emo clairvoyant who was also released from an asylum after a failed suicide attempt.
  4. Carlos Garcia is at timid prodigy who was recently stalked and almost murdered by a jealous college classmate.
  5. Katie Knight is Kendall's shy and mousy little sister who's the key to the soft side of him.

Yeah, not really IC, huh? Well, that's the beauty of AU fics; you can be able to make them OOC.

Now I know some of you will say that that's not how AU fics work, but IMO, if you put them in a different universe, their characters don't have to be the same if their new universe isn't.

Anyways, I'm trying to think of how to combind them, but basically it's these group of people with troubled pasts and absolutely nothing in common, or it seems that way, but when their lives in a run-down apartment seem hopeless, these little creatures (I dunno what exact species they'll be yet) help them through their tough times and eventually brings them all to a close bond.

Okay, I gotta wrap this up, but I'll check your comments first thing in the morning. Be sure to tell me what you think. Thanks! :)


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